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Companies under a new light.

Penta Architectural LED lighting perfectly meets your company’s needs: identify and customise the right light for your manufacturing requirements, in complete compliance with photobiological safety legislation in force for public buildings, offices and factories.

Why LED?

Energy savings, compliance with standards and control of luminous ux are just some of bene ts that LED technology has introduced in the last 10 years.

Environmental sustainability, high e ciency and no light pollution: today we can illuminate increasingly vast spaces, adapting the light to our customers’needs while ensuring increasingly low power consumption.

Energy savings and recyclability.

Converting traditional lighting to a LED lighting system brings savings in energy and money over the years ahead. LED lighting allows signi cant reductions in energy usage and, by exploiting the possibility of dimming the lights, cost savings of up to 70%.

The absence of the mercury normally found in sodium and halogen lamps also means LED luminaires can be fully recycled.