It is essential to have sustainable products to dissipate the heat generated by the strips; with this philosophy Penta Architectural designs and produces the profile and screen collections: a complete range of high quality aluminium extrusions which meet the needs for residential, industrial, hospitality and service environments. All profiles are made in Italy, also available in 6 meter bars and in grey, white, black, black chrome, nickel, gold colour finishes or customised with specific RALs.

C profile
C-Max profile
Clever profile
Core 25 profile
Corner 12 - Corner 13 - Corner 20 profiles
Emotiv profile
Force - Force H - Force T profiles
Giò 10 - Giò 15 - Giò 25 total white profiles
Nero 54 total white profile
Pelly 10 - Pelly 15 - Pelly 25 profiles
Pelly Giò 10 - Pelly Giò 15 - Pelly Giò 25 profiles
Prism profile - Prism H profile with LIP
Sixtyfour Profile
Spark profile - Spark H profile with LIP
Syd profile
Wiser profile - Wiser H profile with LIP