Pelly 25 profile

Pelly 15 profile

Pelly 10 profile

Pelly is an anodised aluminium profile available in three sizes: Pelly 10 (13x16 mm), Pelly 15 (20x23 mm) and Pelly 25 (30x33 mm). Pelly is resinable and, thanks to its excellent depth, it allows continuous light lines with a minimum or zero point effect. Pelly dissipates from 15 to 25 W/m according to the chosen profile measurement.

  • Ceiling
  • Recessed
  • Suspended
  • Wall applications
Cable exits & resins
  • Resin and cover

Profile and components

Pelly 10 profile 13x16

Clear cover for Pelly 10

Frosted cover for Pelly 10

End caps: with hole (F), without hole (SF)

End cap kit for Pelly 10

Complete with 4 fixing screws.

Matching Strips


Vertical 90° joining rear plate for Corner 20
High adjustable bracket kit
Medium adjustable bracket kit
Low adjustable bracket kit
Magnet + plate kit
Rear joining plate kit
Kit of two safety cords
Medium profile suspension kit
Complete with 2 fixing anchors and 4 pins.
Standard profile suspension kit
Complete with 2 fixing anchors.
Mounting clip kit
Magnet kit for metallic structures